prounounced Fè-litch-ita

Felicita the Italian word for happiness, satisfaction, joy, blessedness & bliss. This name could not be more fitting for our beautiful piece of heaven situated just 15 minutes’ drive from the quaint village of Stanford in the Overstrand. Our 100-hectare farm offers untouched alien-free fynbos, wildlife & seclusion from the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

Felicita is a self-sustaining eco-friendly operation which is off the national electricity grid, therefore un-phased by load shedding as all the facilities on the farm are powered by solar and gas. Our water supply is sourced directly from a natural spring which cascades into a stream that flows through our farmland & is carefully processed with a chemical free filtration system therefore being 100% pure as well as safe to drink.

Felicita Farm
Felicita Farm


After purchasing the land on where Dimora now stands, construction work started in March 2007. It was a gruelling project to build in the middle of nowhere with no water or electrical supply, but with some innovation and patience the construction of Dimora, the Villa and the farm store went on.

On Dimora, some 150 cubic meters of concrete, over 100,000 bricks, 40 tonnes of timber beams, 40 tonnes of floor tiles and 50 tonnes of roof tiles went into the building.

Each of the timber beams were individually named to make sure they were placed in their rightful positions. Bless the contractors who took on death defying hoisting manoeuvres of getting the main beams of the roof into position, eight meters off the ground, by hand.

During the construction it was a very clear decision to go-green and make the whole farm self-sustainable and energy sufficient. Solar systems, wind and backup generators were installed and the local water sources used.

Dimora’s structure was completed towards the end of 2007 and by September 2008 the finishing touches were being done. Products from all over South Africa were used to complete the design.

Dimora became our tranquil family home with a lifestyle that only some people can dream off. Villa Felicita was promoted as a self-catering holiday home which it still operates as such.

In 2017 we hosted our very dear friends, Karl & Santie’s medieval wedding. It was a fantastic lavish event, still spoken about today and remembered by all. It was then that the plan hatched to make Felicita what it is today. The idea of sharing our beautiful space with those who would like to start their life journeys in a place where there are so many good memories.

A couple of renovations and changes have been made to Dimora to accommodate Functions and events and the venue is now one of the most prestigious in the Overberg area.

Afri Stay
Afristay named Villa Felicita in Stanford a Best Value Establishment.
Afristay has named Villa Felicita in Stanford a Best Value Self-Catering Establishment.