Felicita Country Lodge

The ancient Roman goddess, Fausta Felicitas, lends her name to this fertile piece of heaven on earth. Pronounced Fe-litch-ita, the word means happiness, and is a condition of divinely inspired blessedness and bliss.

Set on 100 hectares of untouched fynbos, Felicita boasts an abundance of wildlife, flora, fauna and unparalleled vistas of the Overberg.

The farm’s low carbon footprint means Felicita is a self-sustaining, eco-friendly operation. Off the national electricity grid, Felicita is unfazed by the electrical disruptions of load-shedding and all facilities are 100% powered by solar and gas. In addition, the water supply is directly sourced from a naturally cascading spring that flows through the surrounding land and is carefully processed through a chemical-free filtration system, making it pure and safe to drink.

Felicita’s strong preservation endeavours command the respect of family, friends and guest alike. The dedication of the Felicita team towards ensuring the land stays free of alien vegetation is indicative of a passionate determination to keep the terrain as naturally beautiful as possible.

Our Story

After purchasing the land that was to become Felicita, construction began in March 2007. Although a gruelling project, without water or electrical supply, a little innovation and a lot of patience saw the vision of Dimora (Manor House), the Villa and the farm store take shape.

In the middle of a place previously known as nowhere, 150 cubic meters of concrete, more than 100,000 bricks, 40 tonnes of timber beams, 40 tonnes of floor tiles and 50 tonnes of roof tiles created a building that is today, proudly known as Dimora.

Each timber beam was individually named to ensure they were rightfully placed. It wasn’t unusual to hear shouts of “hoist up Annie” or ”Candy’s coming up!” on-site. A special mention must be made of the contractors who took on death-defying manoeuvres to hoist the main roof beams into position eight meters off the ground. By hand.

During construction, it became clearly apparent that the decision to go green and make the whole farm as self-sustaining and energy efficient as possible was a no-brainer. With the installation of solar power, gas and backup generators, Felicita was well on its way to becoming an off-the-grid lifestyle farm. Tapping into the abundant local water sources further established the property as “eco-friendly”.

Structures of each residence were completed in late 2007 – less than a year from inauguration, and, using local SA materials, by September the following year, finishing touches completed the designs.

“Dimora became our tranquil family home with a lifestyle that some people can only dream of.” The Villa was promoted as a self-catering holiday home since the start and has hosted many happy guests over the years.